• Haipeng Yu, Rohan L Fernando, and Jack CM Dekkers. Validation of the linear regression method to evaluate population accuracy and bias of predictions for non-linear models. bioRxiv. [bioRxiv]


More Publications

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DOI bioRxiv

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DOI PubMed EuropePMC

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. Genomic Bayesian confirmatory factor analysis and Bayesian network to characterize a wide spectrum of rice phenotypes. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 2019.

DOI PubMed EuropePMC bioRxiv


  • R package
    • GCA: An R package for genetic connectedness analysis across units using pedigree and genomic data. [Github Source] [Documentation]


Guest Instructor

  • Virginia Tech
  • Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • ASCI 944/STAT 844 Quantitative Methods for Genomics of Complex Traits (Spring 2018) [Slides] [WWW]

Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Virginia Tech
    • APSC 5984: Complex Trait Genomics (Spring 2020) [WWW]
    • ALS 3104: Animal Breeding and Genetics (Spring 2019)
  • North Dakota State University
    • ANSC 357: Animal Genetics (Spring 2016)
    • AGRI 189: Skills for Academic Success (Fall 2015)


  • Factor Analytic Model [WWW]
  • Gaussian Bayesian Network [WWW]
  • Structural Equation Model GWAS [WWW]